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Welcome !

Welcome to Pack 702!

The Pack is chartered by Mt. Zion United Methodist Church through the Boy Scouts of America, and is made up of families primarily from Pointers Run Elementary School (PRES).  Pack 702 is part of the National Pike District within BSA's Baltimore Area Council.

Mt Zion Unitied Methodist Church is located on 12430 Scaggsville Road  Highland, MD 20777.

If you are interested in joining, or have any questions, please use the "Join Pack 702" link on the left menu.

Yours in Scouting,

Dave Lovell (Cub Master)

Ski Trip with Troop 618 - All Pack 702 Cub Scouts Welcome

Posted by Matt Vilk on Dec 22 2014 - 8:31pm

Joint ski trip with Troop 618.

Whitetail Ski Resort

Arrive at Whitetail Ski Resort at 8:45AM (This is about a 1:30 drive from PRES).  February 6th is a day off of school in Howard County.  Prices depend on package chosen: $50 Lift only (includes all lifts), $67 Beginner Package (rental, lesson and low lifts), or $79 All Mountain Package (rental, lesson and all lifts).  Everyone must wear a helmet.  You can bring your own or rent one for $10.  See details on the attached tally sheet.  Please indicate which packages you are getting in the notes when you sign up.  We'll need adults for driving!  Questions can be directed to

Hands Across Borders Workshop 13 December & Pack Meeting 14 December

Posted by Matt Vilk on Dec 9 2014 - 9:35pm

Pack 702, please consider registering and volunteering for the scouts to assemble 3D printed hands this Saturday as a continuation of our fall service project.  Please review the attached image file for more information and thank you for participating in our fall service project.

Pinewood Derby

Posted by Dave Lovell on Dec 8 2014 - 11:20am
Pinewood derby is around the corner (Jan. 10th).  For all those that sold popcorn, you should have your car by now. If not, check with your den leader. If you are new to the Pack and didn't get an opportunity to sell popcorn, you can get the kits at the link below.  You can also get them at the Scout Store, Michaels or Hobby Lobby.
You must use wheels/axles/wood from the official BSA kits (colored wheels from BSA are OK). Per the rules , pre-made kit cars, laser polished axles from McMaster Carr, or wheels from Ebay aren't allowed.  Below are the detailed official rules that Pack 702 follows for the Pinewood Derby.  Especially if you have joined us recently from another pack, please scrutinize these rules closely and follow them.  Please remember how important it is for boys at this age to learn respect for the rules of competitions, and that winning isn't their only goal.  Please ask if you have any questions. Have fun planning and building these with your scout.
Derby Rules
Cars will be inspected during registration for compliance to the specifications listed below.No modifications to the cars are allowed after registration.  Cars will be impounded overnight.
The car must have been made this year. 
PLEASE REMEMBER – THE BOYS MAKE THE CARS.  Parents in need of making their own with their CNC Mill, Lathe and Laser-sighted Drill Press are encouraged to do so (Make THEIR OWN) and race in the family race.  For your son's car, work WITH your son on the car, but have him design and participate in all of the steps!
Cars will be raced by Scout Rank.  The computer determines heats and lanes.  Everyone races in every lane, Best Total Time for 6 lanes determines finish.
1.  The body in the official BSA Pinewood Derby Kit must be used.  The body may be shaped, hollowed out, or built up, and you can add lots of cool stuff. * Car MUST fit in Inspection Boxes – Each Den will get one.
2.  The car width at the wheels may not be modified; it must be the same as the original kit.  Width must not exceed 2 3/4". (front and back!)  Width where wheels are must not be reduced or it won't fit down the track (front and back!)
3.  The overall length may not exceed 7".   Overall height is less than 3 1/2".  Ground clearance of the body must be at least 3/8" (slightly less may be ok at your own risk of not moving down the track, definitely need 1/4").
4.  The wheelbase may not be modified, it must be the same as the slots in the official kit.  Either end can be the front or back.
5.  Wheels and axles must be from the official kit.  COLOR WHEELS FROM BSA are OK, but NO OTHER SPECIAL WHEELS NOT FROM KIT.  No washers, bushings, bearings or springs are allowed.  Wheels may be sanded ONLY to remove the flashing due to the molding process.  No reduction in width or diameter, or changes in shape are allowed.  The judges at weigh-in will disqualify machined-down tires.
6.  The weight of the race-ready car must not exceed five (5) ounces as measured on the official scales during registration.
7.  Only dry graphite may be used for lubrication, which must be done outside the church building prior to registration.  No spray lubricants (Silicone or Teflon) may be used.

8.  The design categories for this year (2015) will be:

December Pack Meeting

Posted by Michele Oconnor on Dec 6 2014 - 8:11pm

Our pack meeting is NEXT Sunday, December 14th at 7:00 pm at Schooley Mill park.  We will be doing a gift exchange with our hosts, Troop 737, so bring a wrapped gift less than $5.  Our top popcorn sellers will be throwing pies at the leader of their choice as well.  

Calendar Sync

Posted by Matt Vilk on Nov 23 2014 - 3:34pm
If you are not already using this feature on the Pack Website, I highly recommend you enable Calendar Sync.
Calendar Sync allows you to synchronize the Pack website calendar (Pack, Committee, Den) with your personal calendar using an iCalendar feed.  
This will prevent you from having to manually create your own scouting calendar entries and keep you up to date with the latest information.

We support the following devices: Apple iCal, iPad, iTouch, iPhone, Google Calendar, Android phone, Windows Outlook 2007+, Yahoo Calendar, Windows Live/Hotmail Calendar and Windows Phone.
Setting it up takes 2 minutes.
Instructions: 1. Log into the Pack website ( from your target device (e.g. iPhone). 2. Select Calendar Sync from the top of the left menu 3. Select the Calendar Type (e.g. Apple iCal) 4. Select the Den Filter (will default to the "Pack" and any Dens you are associated with) 5. Click on "Create iCalendar Feed" 6. When presented, click on the hyperlink text provided
For more instructions, please see:

Uniform Inspection

Posted by Michele Oconnor on Nov 8 2014 - 11:52am

Our next pack meeting is November 23rd and that is our annual Uniform Inspection.  Attached are the forms we use to judge the boys.  Take a look so you aren't surprised when we tell you that your pack numbers have been on the wrong sleeve all year (we have had that happen!).  Also at that meeting will be boys from Troops 737, 702 and 618 to lead our boys in different activites.

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